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Why this website?

As you might have discovered through searching online, there are quite a few covens with webpages. This is an upated version of a much older site which we originally thought would be a place collect resources for use by the coven – sadly however we didn’t exactly update it very often and so we had a chat about whether or not we still wanted to have a coven website.

In the end, we agreed we did for several key reasons. Firstly and foremostly, the rise of interest in Wicca and witchcraft, particularly among younger women, has accompanied a rise in the number of people claiming to be Wiccan who are in fact not Wiccan at all, but predators using the lure of initiation into Wicca as a pretence to faciliate abusive behaviour. While these people exist across all strata of society, we wanted to do something to combat them on our patch. Therefore, the primary reason for this site is to be one more light in the network of real information about Wicca which exists online for people to find. We aim to offer basic information about Wicca, along with signposting to good resources and ways in which those who are seeking the craft can find it.

Secondy, we wanted to offer a resource to people who have found us, so that they can learn more about us – including ways in which they can find people who can vouch for us as a valid Gardnerian coven. We don’t currently publish the name of the coven on this site, although we may choose to do so in future – so, if you are interested in talking to us and want to find out if we are valid, do get in touch and we can give you more information.

Finally, we wanted to offer a way for people who are looking for a coven in London to be able to find us via an online search and easily contact us. There are many Wiccan covens in London, both Gardnerian and Alexandrian (see the section on the ‘information for seekers’ page for a brief explanation of the differences) and if we don’t suit you, we may be able to put you in touch with a coven that does.

Happy seeking!