About Us

Wiccabrac are practicing Wiccans based mainly in and around London, although with some members further afield.  The coven has been run under the current High Priest and High Priestess for over 10 years.

Our Values:  The coven signs up to the Pagan & Heathen Symposium events Code of Conduct.  We have a constitution containing a statement of our values and ways of being as well as expectations.  You can read a version of that here.

Families:  We are family-friendly and the children of our members get the opportunity to practice with us in fun, child-friendly ceremonies several times a year.  We are used to working around the needs of families and also the needs of work – many of our members work shifts, either on the front-lines of the NHS or in other services.  While we place importance on the need to attend coven events, we also acknowledge that life comes first.

Meeting us: If you are interested in meeting us, drop us a line on the ‘contact us’ page.  Emails are generally checked daily, so someone will be in touch fairly quickly.  If you are interested in talking to us, we generally start off with a phone call or a meeting at a public space. If that goes well then we might ask if you’d like to meet more of the group.

Being accepted for training:  We host an online ‘moot’ for the group every month to which we occasionally invite guests.  If things seem to be going well, we’ll ask if you’d like to join one or two of these and if things continue to go well, you may be invited to start training towards initiation.

Training to initiation:  We generally insist on a training period of at least a year, during which time one or more members of the coven will meet regularly with you to introduce you to various topics.  You may be assigned a sponsor who will take on the bulk of your training. Several times a year we hold rituals to which non-initiates can be invited and this is an opportunity to attend a ceremony and get a sense of what it is like to be in circle.  We also haveone day a month when we gather for learning sessions which are generally fun and informal and at which you will get to learn with the main group.

Committment:  As per the constitution, we do expect members to attend coven gatherings, both in person (pandemic allowing) and online.  While it is inevitable that life will get in the way sometimes, if a member of the coven is unable to attend significant numbers of meetings, they are asked to step back until such time as they are able to attend the majority.  There are several reasons for this, the most important being the development of the group egregore – the group mind or energy.  When members step in and out, this becomes harder to build and maintain and it is one of the most important elements when it comes to building magic as a coven – and magic is what we are here to do.  Coven gatherings also take a lot of planning.  Everyone will have roles and responsibilities agreed ahead of time and to cancel leaves someone else in the group to pick up extra responsibility.

Next Steps:  If you are interested in learning more, do explore other online resources (there are some links on the other pages of this site) and feel free to reach out via the contact page, we are always happy to talk to people with a genuine interest.