Welcome to Wiccabrac. This site is designed to be an introduction to our coven and a small gateway to the magical world of Wicca. There is so much incredible information already written about Wicca that this site doesn’t try to recreate it, but we hope we can signpost you to a few places which we as a living Gardnerian coven, based in London, UK, think offers people some good insight.

If you want to join a coven in England, you can get in touch with us via the ‘contact us’ page. If you are interested in Wicca but don’t know if it’s for you, check out the ‘Information for Seekers’ page.

Magical practice is so, so much more than the stuff that surrounds it; in fact, the stuff is the least important element in all of magic, ones will and ones intent rise above all.

Having said that, I know a lot of witches and we are all inveterate, impossible collectors of stuff.  Our houses are all full of bits and pieces picked up in parks and woods and on beaches and mountains… sticks and leaves and feathers and bits of sheep wool, pine cones, bones and stones, you name it. 

Then there’s the stuff we buy, crystal balls and books and candlesticks, bowls and incense, salts, oils, bags of herbs, pendants and books and rings and horns, beads and statues and drums and wire.  Special types of paper and little glass bottles and seeds we’re going to grow in the spring and seeds we forgot to plant last year… knives and bits of leather and goblets and books and all the stuff we find in junk shops… ALL THE STUFF WE FIND IN JUNK SHOPS!  And, did I mention books?

My brother calls it wiccabrac and so it is, the bricabrac of living a magical life, the things which remind us of our practice, the things which aid our concentration on our practice. The term, ‘wiccabrac’ is therefore a gentle jibe; a knowing nudge, a little mirth amongst the reverence.